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"Damn it's so hot" Samantha says to Michelle as they walk to the club.

It was around 11pm in July in Miami but it was still as hot as if the sun was up. They were on their way to one of their favorite clubs in the city and Sam wanted to get there as soon as possible.

"Hold up" Michelle replies as Sam begins to almost jog down the street. Michelle was by far the hotter of the two. She had a pretty face with long red hair, and a body to die for. She had nice D cup breasts, a slim waist and a tight ass.

Sam had envied her since she was 15 years old. They grew up in the same small Florida town and had come out to Miami for a summer of partying after they graduated from high school.

Sam was by no means ugly; she just wasn't as...gifted. She had an equally nice face with short black hair. Her breasts were high B cups, her waist was so-so, and her ass was almost nonexistent. She was wearing some tight fitting jeans and a tank top with a sweatshirt over top just in case it did get cold, which wasn't very likely Sam thought.

On their way to the club, they passed a street vendor who was selling necklaces. Sam attention was immediately drawn to a blood red amulet hanging in the front. It was almost hypnotic and she stopped to look at it. This gave Michelle time to catch up and look with her. After a few minutes debating, Sam bought the amulet and they continued on.

When they got to the club, Sam put on the amulet and they started dancing. After about an hour of dancing, Sam began feeling a little sick. She went to the nearest bathroom and entered one of the stalls. She was feeling a little hot so she unzipped her hoody.

Next she got a huge headache and her temperature was still rising. She took her hoody off completely and then took off her tank top. She began fanning herself, but it wasn't helping. All of a sudden she got a huge pain in her stomach. She doubled over in pain and clutched her stomach wondering what was happening to her. Her temperature was still on the rise so she put a hand up to her forehead to feel how hot she was.

While she was bringing her hands up she noticed that her nails seemed thicker and longer than earlier. She looked closer and saw that they were claws!

She withdrew her hand and was starting to panic. She looked down at the amulet and it was glowing. She tried to take it off, but it burned her hand when she touched it. Her claws had finished growing and she felt something touching her shoulder. When she felt what it was she realized it was her hair. It was growing a lot and becoming a dark shade of red.

She then felt immense pressure on her face as it began to shift. Her features were being sharpened and her teeth were becoming sharper. Her lips puffed out and became dark purple. She was crying out in pain as her face changed and her body temperature still rose. She felt and itching on her forehead, lower back, and upper back, but was much too focused on her skin's color to notice.

While her face was changing, the skin all over her body began to darken. She finally noticed as it stopped at a deep crimson red. She didn't know what to do anymore as her thoughts began to fog up. She was little by little losing control.

The next change she felt was more pleasurable than the rest. She noticed through her bra that her breasts were growing. They started growing and were straining her bra. One of the straps finally gave way and the fabric fell to the floor. This seemed to speed up the growth until they finally stopped at a full F cup. She noticed how perky and round they still were and mustered a weak smile.

Next she felt a similar sensation in her ass. It also began to swell and press up on the fabric of her jeans. She quickly took them off along with her panties because the waistbands were digging into her painfully. When her ass finished it was bigger than Michelle's and twice as firm.

Sam thought this was the end of the changes but when she tried to stand she couldn't. As if responding to her desire, her muscles began to change as well, each one gaining size and definition. She felt so powerful as her entire body grew. She stopped growing at 7 feet tall with a strong yet feminine figure. Her muscles then retreated into her body, giving her a slender and sexy look, but she could feel that they were still there.  

All the while, the itching she felt at first had intensified. It was beginning to become uncomfortable when two nubs appeared on her forehead and grew rapidly. They became skinnier as they grew and curved some at the top. They stopped at about 8 inches in length.

Next she felt a similar sensation on her lower back. She felt her spine extending, rather painfully, into a long and slender tail that had a spade like end. Her upper back also had two new additions as bat like wings sprouted from her shoulder blades and unfurled into a 12 foot wingspan.

Finally, her eyes glazed over and turned a violent red as her mind shifted to that of a succubus.

She exited the stall to find two women standing there horrified at the monster before them. She walked up to the fear-frozen women and gave each of them a kiss. She then turned around and flew out the window looking for her next meals.

Meanwhile, both of the women stood there in the bathroom and began to feel oddly hot...
just a quick demoness transformation
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Fullmoontf Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
I love it!!!
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Where has this been all my life? I love me a good bit of succubus TF fic. You and I should talk more often. :)
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Wonderful story going to read chapter 2 now.
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Succubuses are the best/worst things ever. XD
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i'm thinking of ideas for a sequel but i gosta finish some other stuffs first. thanks for the compliments though :D
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I likes it! Tell me more , I want all the details. Now you've got my mind racing. Damn. Good story.
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