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Kylie and Lindsay were out at their favorite club in Miami. They thought it was just going to be a regular night where maybe they might get lucky with a guy. They did end up getting lucky...but not with a guy.

They were at the club, dancing and drinking. Kylie was at the bar chatting up one of the cuter guys. She had short ginger hair, with eyes that were the deepest royal blue you can imagine. She was relatively cute, but her body left a little to be desired. She wasn't fat, but she was muscular from her years playing college volleyball. She had modest B cup breasts and a firm athletic ass, with a toned waist. Her legs were long, but not as slim as she would have liked. She was wearing a navy blue dress that was fairly long for a club dress, ending just before her knees.

Lindsay wasn't too far away, but was on the dance floor with a guy. She wasn't as cute as Kylie but wasn't ugly either. She had long brunette hair and jade green eyes. She had pretty much the same build as Kylie as she had been on her volleyball team, which is how they met. Their bodies were very similar except Lindsay had wider hips and thicker legs than Kylie. She was wearing a dark green dress that was shorter than Kylies and just reached her fingertips with her hands at her sides.

They met up after a while and went together to the bathroom. They heard strange sounds from outside the door and cautiously walked in.

There, standing in front of them, was one of the most beautiful yet horrifying things either of them had ever seen. It had the shape of a woman who was very well endowed, yet had the features of a monster. They stood still, frozen with fear, as the thing approached them seductively and kissed both of them on the cheek, introducing itself as Sam. Then, it flew off out the bathroom's window.

After a little while, both girls began to feel hot. They broke from their trance and began to collect themselves. They went to the sinks and splashed water in their faces. Suddenly, they felt an itching at the base of their spines and their foreheads.

They looked at each other and were shocked at the other's appearance. Kylie was the first to change as her hair lengthened and became a much darker crimson. Her eyes also darkened to a much redder hue as well as her lips, which also formed a sexy pout. Her facial features became much harsher and seductive as she felt the warmth spread down her body.

Her breasts began to swell and push the fabric of her dress. The pressure was rising and the straps were digging into her skin so she took off her dress quickly and gave her breasts some freedom, just as they broke the straps oh her bra. They kept growing and started to slow and stop at a high D cup. Next she felt her waist pinch in and her hips flare out as the fat rearranged itself in her ass, enlarging it to be proportional with her breasts. Her legs then became more slender and lengthened little by little.

She brought her hands up to her breasts but stopped them short, noticing something odd (...-er). Instead of fingernails, she now had claws! The same realization came when she felt her teeth sharpen. All the while, her skin was turning to a deep shade f red and the itching above her butt and on her forehead increased. She rubbed the areas until the tension was finally relieved as her spine extended through her skin and formed a tail with a fork on the end and pushing her panties off. Two little horns also appeared from her forehead and grew to be about 5 inches long with a pointed tip.

While this was happening, Lindsay was going through a similar transformation. Her hair grew a little as it was already fairly long and became the darkest shade of black imaginable. Her eyes changed from green to black and her lips turned dark red. Her face became similar to Kylie's and her teeth sharpened as she opened her mouth.

The changes spread down her body to her breasts as they swelled from low B cups all the way through D cups to a mid E cup. She didn't have the time to get her dress off like Kylie did so she just let it burst into pieces along with her bra. Her hands felt weird and upon examining them she noticed her fingers had been replaced with claws. Next her waist shrunk in a little and her hips got a little wider. The fat in her midsection was moved to her ass as it grew a little and her legs slenderized to match and rival Kylie's.

While this was happening her skin was also turning a dark red, but it was darker than Kylie's. She sprouted a tail and horns that were similar to Kylie's as well. When they were finished with the changes they were nearly identical.

Kylie and Lindsay looked each other over and were on the verge of tears when they felt immense pain in their heads. Their brains were on fire as their minds were altered. The pain of the recent transformation was quickly replaced with pleasure as they came to admire their new forms, and the forms of each other.

They walked towards each other and started caressing each other and feeling their sensitive new bodies. While this was happening they felt their muscles strengthen and rearrange themselves before becoming dormant within their bodies. They could feel their hidden power and they became even more aroused. They started making out and groped each other for several minutes before a voice startled them.

"You turned out nicely." The creature said smiling.

Lindsay and Kylie stopped and addressed her, "You're Sam right?" said Kylie. She nodded.

"Why did you do this to us?" Lindsay asked somewhat feeling angry in her present state.

"You don't like it?" Sam asked mockingly, "Cus it looked like you enjoyed it a few seconds ago."

This shut Lindsay up and Sam confidently approached the two. "The truth is, I need pets if I'm going to enjoy myself on a daily basis, and you two were the closest ones so...congratulations!"

Lindsay and Kylie still seemed unsure so Sam breathed some pink gas on them and they immediately became aroused. Sam motioned them to follow her and the two girls grabbed her arm and they all dissolved into the air as they were transported back to Sam's newly founded "lair" (just a cave).

There, the three of them entered the makeshift bedroom Sam threw together from a couple of beds. Sam got on the bed and motioned the two girls to her. They obediently followed and the three began to passionately make out and touch each other. This continued for several hours until they were all tired.

"Man I'm hungry," said Lindsay.

"Well luckily I know just the place," said Sam looking out the cave mouth at the city of Miami and hearing the sounds of the night life. "It's gonna be a good night," she said smiling and looking back at her two pets.
This is the follow up a few people suggested

First time I tried simultaneous transformations...dont think it turned out well...

First story after a long hiatus. my computer had a virus...I was pretty mad
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jamesdark868 Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  Student Writer
I think that Sam should plan to attack Miami to gain food and to create more succubus as she aims to turn Michelle into a Succubus and slowly build up her forces aiming to gain a big enough force so that when the men impregnate them the demon offspring will help to turn the earth into a demon world where humanity will finely be destroyed. I think that Kylie and Lindsay should prove to be very useful to Sam as they help her to find the gates to hell and create Incubus from the males to help the dark conquest of earth as Sam seeks out the hell mouths mystical portals of dark magic which she will use to free e master as the necklace revels there master Satan the devil but there our many powerful demons who they could free such as Mephistopheles who seek to overthrow Satan. I think that Michelle should confront Sam soon after her return but get turned into a succubus and become another of Sam's slaves as she slowly grows more powerful knowing that the mother of all succubus Lilith her new mother and the queen of succubus who she will serve once humanity is out of the way.       
SilverWolfJudge Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
ConMan21 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
Sounds pretty awesome.Can you continue it? :)
Squash34 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
What about their ears....? Overall still good! You should make more.
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